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Science Final Review

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Choose the correct word or definition of the terms.

Created Date 03.25.19
Last Updated 03.25.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What are the REACTANTS in the Photosynthesis process?
  • What is the function of Chlorophyll
  • The tubes that transport water and minerals from the roots of a plant to the leaves are
  • "Photo" is the Greek word for
  • What gas exits through the Stomata of the leaf?
  • Tubes that transport glucose are called
  • What cell moves water into the vacuole and what effect does this cause?
  • How do plants and animals use water?
  • Cohesion of water is
  • Photosynthesis is
  • The movement of water from an area where there's a lot of water to an area with less is
  • What do we call the green pigment that absorbs energy from the sun?
  • Adhesion of water is
  • Small holes (pores) in leaves that allow gasses in and out
  • What GAS is taken in by a plant during Photosynthesis?
  • What is a Chemical Change?
  • How is Igneous rock formed?
  • The Atomic Number is located
  • Where would the oldest rocks most likely be found?
  • Which is NOT a reason that you cannot find fossils in Metamorphic or Igneous Rock?
  • Is breaking a cookie a chemical change? Why?
  • What is air?
  • What is a mixture?
  • The two letters below the Atomic Number in an element square are called the
  • Erosion is
  • What do we call the skeletal pieces of organisms which turn to stone to become fossils?
  • In which type of rock do we most often find fossils?
  • How is sedimentary rock formed?
  • Which is not an example of weathering
  • Magma is molten rock
  • Which is one example of Physical Weathering
  • What is the difference between Magma and Lava?
  • Transpiration is
  • What Galaxy do we live in?
  • How can you tell that baking a cake a chemical reaction?
  • Why is baking a cake a chemical change?