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Physical Science Test Review

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Created Date 04.01.19
Last Updated 04.02.19
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Your browser doesn't support HTML5. Simple machines help get work done by making the people who use simple machines stronger.; Which action involves work being done to a stone wall?; Doctors sometimes use screws to heal broken bones. How does a screw help a broken bone?; What type of simple machine would be used to hold a door open?; How does a ramp act as a simple machine?; How do simple machines help people do work?; How does a surface with more friction affect a bike ride?; What kind of simple machine is a pizza cutter?; Which of these has mechanical energy?; What happens to a ball when it is kicked in a football game?; If I hand you a mug of hot chocolate after playing outside in the snow, why does the mug warm your hands up?; When light is REFRACTED, it makes an object look...; Energy has the ability to:; When something absorbs sound, it doesn't get rid of the sound completely, it simply absorbs the vibrations and makes them weaker/quieter.; What does reflection mean?; False; A stone falling off the wall; By holding the bone in place; Wedge; It reduces the force needed to lift an object; By allowing people to apply less force and by changing the direction of the force; It will require a person to pedal harder; Wheel and axle AND wedge; A tightened spring; The kinetic energy of the ball changes; Heat moves from the mug to your hands; Bent; Cause motion or create change; True; Light bounces off a surface;
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