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Common Core: Heat Transfer

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Students will review Heat Transfer concepts using this game.

Created Date 04.26.19
Last Updated 04.26.19
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Topics of this game:
  • In which way are evaporation and condensation similar?
  • Which is MOST responsible for the uneven heating of the air in the atmosphere?
  • A pot is heated on a stove. Which process causes the metal handle of the pot to also become hot?
  • After a rain, a puddle of water remains on a sidewalk. After a day of sunshine, the puddle is gone. Which process is MOST responsible for the disappearance of the puddle?
  • People sitting around a campfire are able to feel the heat from the fire. How are the people able to feel the heat from the fire without touching it?
  • Bill stands in a swimming pool and notices that the water around his feet is a lot cooler than the water near the surface. Which process causes this difference in temperature?
  • What must occur before clouds can form?
  • One morning, Jane notices drops of water on the outside of a window. Later in the day, she notices that the drops have disappeared. What most likely caused the drops to disappear?
  • What happens to metal railroad tracks during the heat of a summer day?
  • Which is an example of heat being transferred by radiation?
  • A cold can of soda is opened on a hot summer day in North Carolina. Shortly afterwards, water droplets form on the outside of the cold can. Which BEST explains why the droplets form?
  • Which BEST explains why a sealed glass bottle, that is full of water, would MOST LIKELY burst or crack of it is left in a freezer?
  • Which BEST describes an effect of boiling a pot of water?
  • Why are cooking pots typically made of copper?
  • Shane is building a picnic table that will sit in direct sunlight. What type of material should he use?