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Ecosystem Organization Knowledge Check

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Students will test their knowledge about Ecosystem Organization.

Created Date 02.05.20
Last Updated 02.06.20
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the the branch of biology dedicated to the study of the relationships and interactions between organisms and their environment?
  • Which of these is NOT correctly matched?
  • What is the simplest level of ecosystem organization?
  • The level of competition __________ with population size because __________ individuals need the same available resources.
  • Which of these is NOT a limiting factor?
  • The desert, grassland, tundra, forest, and aquatic are all names for what?
  • What happens if a population exceeds the ecosystem's carrying capacity?
  • The biosphere includes what?
  • In which level of organization do populations depend on each other for food, shelter, and other resources?