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Heat and Heat Transfer Part 2

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Show everyone how much you know about heat and heat transfer by solving these 7 Terms!

Created Date 03.20.15
Last Updated 03.20.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Total heat content in a substance from an accepted base temperature.
  • The heat energy which changes the temperature of a substance without changing its state. This heat is measured with a thermometer.
  • The transfer of heat from particle to particle without movement of the object.
  • The transfer of heat energy in a fluid (liquid, vapor or both) from one location to another by the motion of molecules, which are carrying the heat.
  • Heat transfer by rays, emitting heat in rays from a source to a solid object where the heat energy is released to the object.
  • Heat transfer by the movement of fluid by mechanical force such as fans or pumps.
  • Any substance that can flow, i.e., move and change shape without separating when under pressure; can be liquid or gas.