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Respiratory Bingo

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You'll be introduced to respiratory terms.

Created Date 01.01.15
Last Updated 01.21.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Dome-shaped skeletal muscle that contracts with inspiration
  • Windpipe
  • Small airway tube that leads to the alveoli
  • Voicebox
  • Site of gas exchange
  • The movement of air in and out of the lungs
  • A risk factor that can cause lung cancer
  • Inflammation of the larger airways
  • Chronic pulmonary disease which causes changes in the alveoli
  • An element essential for respiration and life
  • Between the ribs
  • A decreased concentration of oxygen in the air
  • Difficulty breathing
  • An abbreviation for an x-ray of the chest
  • Crackles heard in the lungs
  • A musical sound caused by narrowing of the airways
  • An abnormal lung sound caused by the buildup of secretions
  • Nosebleed
  • An abnormal immune response to a substance
  • An inflammatory condition of the airways characterized by wheezing
  • Absence of breathing
  • Abbreviation for an infectious disease caused by the tubercle organism
  • Abbreviation for a test to determine oxygen content in arterial blood
  • A forceful expiratory effort to remove sputum from the lungs
  • A substance expelled by clearning the throat
  • Projections that help remove particles/mucus from the lungs
  • The ridge at the end of the trachea that separates the two bronchi
  • A condition in which there is difficulty breathing except in an erect position
  • Blood in sputum
  • Normal lung sound
  • Abnormal
  • A substance that lowers surface tension in the alveoli
  • A collapsed lung
  • An abbreviation for chronic bronchitis or emphysema
  • Process of listening to lung sounds
  • A decreased concentration of oxygen in the blood