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Bevin's Kitchen Safety Game

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This game will help you understand kitchen safety

Created Date 10.07.20
Last Updated 10.07.20
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Topics of this game:
  • This thing may break with to much hot and cold contrast
  • DO NOT pick this up with your hands
  • Place the broken glass into this kind of bag
  • When glass breaks while you are washing dishes, wrap your had in this to reach in the drain and pick out the large pieces
  • DO NOT wipe glass slivers with a sponge, us this, then throw it away.
  • Cut on a cutting...
  • Cut __ from you
  • Leave all sharp objects that need to be washed on the __ do not leave them in soapy wish water
  • Use a __ __ to reach high objects in the kitchen
  • Lift heavy objects properly by bending your __
  • Keep cupboard doors and drawers __ so you don't run into them and get an injury