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The Eye

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You'll learn about terms associated with the eye!

Created Date 04.17.15
Last Updated 04.20.15
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Topics of this game:
  • What terms means pertaining to the cornea?
  • Term that means eyelid:
  • Reduced vision in one eye because the brain favors one eye over the other:
  • Defective curvature of the refractive surface of the eye:
  • Clouding of the eye lens:
  • Obstruction of an oil gland of the eyelid:
  • Separation of the retina in back of the eye:
  • Normal refractive condition of the eye:
  • Surgical removal of the eyeball:
  • Abnormally increased intraocular tension:
  • Farsightedness:
  • An artificial lens implanted within the eye during cataract surgery:
  • Laser procedure that reshapes the corneal tissue:
  • Progressive deterioration of a portion of the retina:
  • Agent that constricts the pupil:
  • Agent that dilates the pupil:
  • Nearsightedness:
  • Poor vision at night or in faint light:
  • Involuntary, jerking movements of the eyes:
  • One who is skilled in filling prescriptions for lenses:
  • A health professional who prescribes corrective lenses and/or eye exercises:
  • Method to remove cataracts in which an ultrasound needle probe breaks up the lens before its aspirated:
  • Yellowish mass on the conjunctiva:
  • Impaired vision as a result of aging:
  • Procedure for the treatment of nearsightedness in which an excimer laser is used to reshape(flatten) the cornea:
  • Thin tissue growing into the cornea from the conjuntiva, usually from sun exposure:
  • Intense beam of light from a laser condenses retinal tissue to seal leaking blood vessels:
  • Hereditary, progressive disease marked by night blindness with atrophy and retinal pigment changes:
  • Procedure to repair a detached retina:
  • Abnormal misalignment of the eyes inward (crossed) or outward:
  • Infection of the eyelid's oil gland:
  • Surgical creation of an opening allowing aqueous humor to drain out the eye to treat glaucoma:
  • Testing sharpness of central vision for either distance or nearness:
  • Surgical removal of all or part of vitreous humor: