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Water Module - Nutrition & Dental Health

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Water module review for Nutrition & Dental Health

Created Date 03.07.22
Last Updated 03.07.22
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Topics of this game:
  • The antidiuretic hormone that directs the movement of water in and out of cells.
  • The percentage of water balance intracellularly
  • Water intoxication includes headache, nausea, low body temp and seizures
  • The first sign of dehydration.
  • The highest risk groups for developing dehydration.
  • Water suitable for drinking
  • Water with low mineral content.
  • Water with a high mineral content.
  • Sets minimum safety standards for tap water
  • Water with all the minerals and impurities removed. Not recommended for drinking.
  • Water that has fluoride removed through filtration.
  • Water with varying and limited levels of fluoride
  • Forms saliva, flushes waste, makes hormones, regulate body temperature.
  • Antidiuretic hormone
  • Gland responsible to the secretion of the hormone vasopressin
  • Contains the highest percentage of water in the food groups
  • The average loss of water per day for individuals
  • Superior beverage storage
  • Regulates safety standards for bottled water
  • Water that may contain the Giardia parasite
  • The percent of the US population that has access to fluoride
  • Water recommendations increase to support blood supply
  • The delicate balance of how water flows in and out of cells
  • The percentage of water balance extracellularly
  • Bring the body back to a normal water level
  • Has a diuretic effect on the body