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Nursing Implications for Common Medications 1

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What nurses need to know to administer these meds effectively.

Created Date 09.21.16
Last Updated 09.21.16
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Topics of this game:
  • Which med should you give with food to minimize GI upset?
  • Which med should you give in the AM?
  • Which med should you give in the PM?
  • Which med may cause Extrapyramidal Symptoms?
  • Which med should you give with a full glass of water?
  • Which med should you give 30-60 minutes before a meal?
  • Monitoring INR is key for which med?
  • Which med may increase blood sugar?
  • Monitoring PTT is key for which med?
  • Don't take an NSAID with:
  • Which med will decrease blood sugar?
  • Which med may affect the patient's potassium?
  • Patients should avoid a salt substitute containing potassium if they take which med?
  • Patients should report coffee ground emesis or tarry stools if they are taking which med?
  • Patients should rinse mouth after:
  • Patients need good dental hygiene if using:
  • Patients should eat a consistent amount of green leafy vegetables when taking which med?
  • Vitamin C will help the body absorb which med?
  • Which med is likely to cause constipation?
  • Hold this med if heart rate less than 50:
  • Check Blood Pressure before giving this med:
  • Patients should change positions slowly because this med could cause orthostatic hypotension:
  • Which insulin is long acting?
  • Which insulin is intermediate acting?
  • Which insulin has an onset of 15 minutes?
  • Which has an antiinflammatory properties?
  • Which med decreases stomach acid?
  • Patients should monitor daily weight when on which med?
  • Which med should be discontinued gradually?
  • Which med has a daily dose limit of 4 grams for healthy adults?
  • Patients should limit alcohol if they are using which drug?
  • Patients should wear protection from sun exposure if they are taking which med?
  • Patients should limit caffeine if they are taking:
  • Which med decreases intestinal glucose absorption?
  • Which med decreases hepatic glucose production?
  • Which med should only be given into the abdominal subcutaneous tissue?
  • Monitor CBC when patients are taking which med?
  • Patients should take in 1500-2000 ml of fluid daily when they are taking which med?
  • Which med increases sensitivity to insulin in the patient?
  • Which med suppresses cough?
  • Keep naloxone on hand for which medication?