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Complex - Respiration

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Test your knowledge of Respiration Trivia!

Created Date 01.21.15
Last Updated 01.21.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Large airborne particles are filtered by:
  • The function of the nasal conche is to:
  • The openings to the auditory tubes are located in the:
  • The hard palate separate the:
  • The glottis is:
  • A pair of ligaments in the larynx that are covered by epithelium and function in sound production are:
  • All of the following are true of the trachea except that it:
  • Secondary bronchi supply air to the:
  • Air moves out of the lungs because:
  • Pulmonary ventilation refers to the:
  • Most of the carbon dioxide in the blood is transported as:
  • The term hypercapnea refers to:
  • In quiet breathing:
  • If a student inhales as deeply as possible and then blows air out until he cannot exhale any more, the amount of air that he expelled would be his:
  • Which of the following factors would increase the amount of oxygen discharged by hemoglobin to peripheral issues?
  • When the diaphragm and external intercostal muscles contract:
  • Which of the following is greater?
  • At birth, an infant takes its first breaths and:
  • In a condition known as pleurisy, there is excess fluid in the pleural space. How would you expect this to affect the process of pulmonary ventilation?
  • Structures formed by branching of the trachea within the mediastinum are: