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Anatomical and Relative Position

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Practice Directional Terms

Created Date 01.16.17
Last Updated 01.18.17
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Topics of this game:
  • The elbow is __________ to the fingers but ____________ to the shoulders
  • The heart is _____________ to the spine and _____________ to the lungs.
  • In the anatomical position, the face and palms are on the ___________ body surface, the buttocks and shoulder blades are on the ____________ body surface, and the top of the head is the most _____________ part of the body.
  • The ears are ____________ to the shoulders and ______________ to the nose.
  • The rib cage is ________________ to the lungs but ______________ to the skin.
  • The wrist is __________________ to the hand
  • The arms are ______________ to the chest
  • The thoracic region is _________________ to the umbilical region
  • The ankles are _____________ to the feet but to the knee
  • Which of the following is LATERAL to the nose?
  • A cut passing through midline of the body that divides it into equal left and right halves is known as this type of plane
  • The vertebral region is _______________ to the sternal region
  • A magician is about to separate his assistant's body into superior and inferior portion. The plane through which he will pass his magic wand is the
  • Your chin is ________________ in relation to your lips
  • Your skull is _______________ in relation to your brain
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the nose is what to the mouth