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The Sensory Systems

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Do you know your sensory systems?

Created Date 08.14.17
Last Updated 08.15.17
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Topics of this game:
  • Sensations mediated by this system include tactile sensations, pain and non-conscious proprioception.
  • This layer of the retina contains the only cells capable of firing action potentials.
  • This part of the thalamus relays visual information to the primary visual cortex.
  • A patient has multiple sclerosis and shows signs of vertigo and nystagmus. Where is neuronal conduction velocity decreased?
  • The signals generated by olfactory stimuli reach the olfactory bulb and are transmitted directly to this location.
  • The central pathways mediating taste sensations terminate in this location.
  • How many major sensory systems are there?
  • The central auditory pathways terminate in this region.
  • The ascending pathway for the vestibular system terminates at these two locations.
  • Receptors responsible for transmitting pain information.