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Drugs of the Respiratory System

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Test your knowledge of drugs of the respiratory system in this Jeopardy game!

Created Date 06.01.15
Last Updated 06.02.15
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Topics of this game:
  • All of these are part of the larynx except:
  • The primary function of the turbinates is:
  • The pharynx is composed of the nasopharynx, oropharynx, and larynx.
  • True or False: The trachea is the major connector between the upper and lower airway
  • Gas exchange in the lungs occurs in
  • The primary function of the bronchioles is
  • The delayed phase of allergic rhinitis occurs:
  • The virus most frequently responsible for the common cold is:
  • In asthma, bronchodilation occurs as a result to allergens, irritants, cold air, or exercise leading to airflow obstruction.
  • All of the following are symptoms of asthma except:
  • The number one cause of COPD is:
  • The common types of medications used to treat allergic rhinitis are:
  • Cough Suppressants treat the cause of the cough and not just symptoms.
  • Rebound congestion is a common side effect of which type of medication?
  • Tylenol dosage shouldn't exceed 3000mg/day due to it's adverse effects on which body organ?
  • What type of medication is the first choice for those suffering from SEVERE PERSISTENT asthma?
  • The trachea is the major connector between the upper and lower airway.
  • The primary function of the bronchioles is:
  • What medication is a synthetic compound used for long-term control of asthma when standard therapies fail?
  • Spiriva, a medication used in the treatment of COPD, is what type of medication?
  • All of the following are side effects of long term steroid use except:
  • PDE4 inhibitors work by relaxing smooth airway muscle and suppressing inflammatory cells.
  • For intermittent asthma, the drug of choice for all age groups is: