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Neurological Baseball

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Let's play ball! You'll answer questions related to neurology to win the ball game!

George Taylor3
Created Date 01.21.15
Last Updated 04.22.15
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Topics of this game:
  • What two systems control homeostasis within the body?
  • The type of neuron that monitors the internal environment and reports its findings to the CNS:
  • The type of neuroglial cell that forms the myelin sheath for PNS neurons:
  • This type of neuroglial cell is phagocytic:
  • General sensory neurons are:
  • A collection of neuron cell bodies is referred to as a:
  • Motor neurons of the somatic nervous system carry out responses to:
  • The part of the neuron that initially receives information:
  • Sensory information enters the spinal cord via the:
  • The threshold value of a typical neuron is:
  • The type of conduction occurring on myelinated neurons is:
  • What type of ion typically polarizes a neuron?
  • The type of neurotransmitter typically associated with depression:
  • What type of ion typically depolarizes a neuron?
  • A monosynaptic reflex arc is an example of what type of neuronal circuit?
  • Sensory information travels to the brain in what type of tracts:
  • Part of the brain where improper neuron signaling is associated with Parkinson’s disease:
  • Area of the brain where speech is produced:
  • Cranial nerve associated with smell:
  • Lobe of the cerebrum where pain is integrated:
  • Neuroglial cell producing cerebral spinal fluid:
  • Neurotransmitter that excites cardiac and smooth muscle and sweat glands:
  • Outermost meninges surrounding and protecting the brain and spinal cord:
  • Space between the duramater and arachnoid:
  • Several pre-synaptic neurons pass information to one post-synaptic neuron:
  • Contains respiratory centers that speed up or slow down breathing: