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Skeletal System

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Identify these skeletal system terms by their definition!

George Taylor3
Created Date 01.21.15
Last Updated 04.23.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Production of blood cells in the red bone marrow
  • Covering around the outside of bones
  • Inside hallowed out cavity in the shaft of a long bone (2 words)
  • “Ball end” of a long bone (2 words)
  • Distal end of a long bone (2 words)
  • Shaft of a long bone
  • Phagocytic bone cells (3 words)
  • Functional unit of compact bone
  • Arrangement of lamellae in spongy bone
  • Area between diaphysis and epiphysis where bone growth occurs (2 words)
  • Soft bones in children resulting from a lack of vitamin D
  • The most active form of vitamin D
  • Type of dwarfism resulting from growth plates closing too early
  • Produced by thyroid gland in response to calcium level increase
  • Produced by parathyroid glands in response to low calcium