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Radiation Protection

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Use the game to review basic radiation protection

Created Date 09.21.18
Last Updated 09.26.18
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Topics of this game:
  • ALARA stands for:
  • Radiographers are able to keep radiation exposures at the lowest level possible using the concept of:
  • Cosmic radiation is a form of:
  • Radiation has the greatest potential for damage in tissues that have the:
  • Which tissues are the most radiosensitive
  • Which of the following is NOT necessary to produce radiation?
  • Cells respond to radiation based on what factor(s)?
  • Acute radiation syndrome appears in four stages. What is the first of the four stages?
  • Which device is not a radiation protective device?
  • Rapidly cells are more sensitive to radiation?
  • Where does the radiographer get most of their occupational exposure?
  • The three Cardinal Rules are:
  • The RAD or Gray is an amount of radiation that is:
  • Somatic cells are:
  • Crypt cells are:
  • Any type of radiation that transfers its energy directly to the key molecule is considered a:
  • Annual occupation dose of radiation is:
  • Cummulative occupation dose is:
  • Annual radiation dose to the lens of the eye for an occupation worker is:
  • Annual gestational dose is: