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Respiratory Terminology

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Intro to Respiratory Terminology 68C

Created Date 12.07.15
Last Updated 12.07.15
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Topics of this game:
  • greater than normal carbon dioxide in the blood
  • volume of air inhaled is no adequate for the metabolic needs of the body
  • an inadequate, reduced tension of cellular oxygen
  • caused by internal factors
  • person must sit or stand to breathe comfortably or deeply
  • low-pitched, grating or creaking lung sound from inflammed pleural surface
  • musical, high-pitched squeaking; rapid air move. through narrow bronchioles
  • low-pitched, loud, coarse, snoring sound
  • respiratory effort that is strenuous and struggling, creates snoring sound
  • abnormal rapid breathing rate
  • surgical perforation of the chest wall and pleural space for aspiration
  • power of microorganism to produce disease