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All About Reproduction

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Test your knowledge of reproduction.

Created Date 02.07.11
Last Updated 01.15.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Maintains uterine lining in pregnancy.
  • Site of fertilization.
  • Sperm must go through this process before being able to fertilize an oocyte.
  • The oocyte completes meiosis two after this occurs.
  • One primary spermatocyte divides to form:
  • Ovulation occurs:
  • Gland secreting hormones maintaining uterine lining until the placenta is developed is
  • These vessel(s) deliver oxygenated blood to the fetal heart.
  • The separation of embryonic cells into germ layers is:
  • Hormone that triggers ovulation:
  • Oogenesis results in:
  • A fertilized egg is called a/an:
  • The fetal side of the placenta develops from this:
  • Most likely time for neural tube defects to occur:
  • In fetal circulation, which structure is a shunt to bypass the liver?
  • The ductus arteriosus connects:
  • Male gonads or sex glands:
  • Differentiation of external genitals depends on:
  • The membrane enclosing the fetus as it develops is the:
  • Which weeks of gestation are included in the embryonic period?
  • Solid ball of cells formed by cleavage:
  • Structure that connects the fetus to the placenta:
  • Which hormone is detected by pregnancy tests?
  • In people, this is the diploid number.
  • The mesoderm will develop into:
  • This substance prevents respiratory distress in newborns:
  • Hormone promotes thickening of endometrium days 1-14 of uterine cycle:
  • Vessel(s) that carry waste to to the placenta:
  • Process of embedding blastocyst in endometrium:
  • Contains hydrolytic enzymes to dissolve zona pellucida:
  • Secretes gonadotropin releasing hormone:
  • Secondary sex characteristics develop at this time:
  • Time of preembryonic stage:
  • Name given to the embryo after 8 weeks:
  • Ova and sperm are similar in that:
  • Which of the following appears first in prenatal development?
  • How does heart rate change in a pregnant woman?
  • What type of effect does testosterone have on the male?
  • Which sex develops internal sex structures first?
  • The only human cell with a flagellum:
  • Relaxin: