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Bacteria and Antibacterials

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This game is designed to aid in understanding the structure of bacteria and the mechanisms of action of antibacterials.

Created Date 01.14.16
Last Updated 01.15.16
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Topics of this game:
  • Bacteria make their own DNA, RNA and ribosomes.
  • Bacterial DNA, RNA and ribosomes are all embedded in the bacteria's own cytoplasm.
  • The bacterial cytoplasm is contained by a lipid membrane.
  • Overlaying the bacterial lipid membrane is a structure called
  • Bacterial cell walls are made out of.......
  • Fill in the blank: There are ____ different classes of antibodies.
  • One class of antibiotic is designed to inhibit...
  • Miscellaneous antibacterials is the fourth class of antibiotic.
  • Inhibitors of bacterial cell wall synthesis work by inhibiting which enzyme?
  • Bacterial cell wall damage results in...
  • Inhibitors of bacterial protein synthesis work by
  • Inhibitors of DNA synthesis work by ......