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Experience Environmental Health Baseball

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Answer questions about Environmental Health to move around the Bases and Score. Let's Play Ball!

Created Date 04.01.16
Last Updated 04.04.16
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Topics of this game:
  • What is a type of environmental health hazard?
  • Which is a chemical health hazard?
  • Which is a government agency concerned about environmental health?
  • Which is a group of people vulnerable to environmental health risks?
  • Which is a physical health hazard?
  • What is a main cause of environmental-related deaths?
  • Which chemical agent is a primary carcinogen?
  • What helps potentiate the effects of illness from environmental health hazards?
  • An extremely hot environment can cause which of the following environmental hazard?
  • When performing an assessment on a person's environment, it is important to ask which of the following?
  • Which is an example of a biological health hazard?
  • What is a symptom of lead poisoning?
  • Which can contribute to poor environmental health?
  • Heat is an example of which type of environmental hazard?
  • Where can a nurse teach about environmental health issues?
  • Where can a nurse learn about environmental health issues?
  • Which is true about radon?
  • Which is one common asthma trigger?