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Respiratory Bingo

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Respiratory Bingo: Terms related to breathing, lungs, oxygen and much more!

Created Date 05.03.16
Last Updated 05.04.16
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Topics of this game:
  • Optimal breathing cavity
  • The element inhaled from the air we breathe
  • The main bronchi forms from the division of the _______
  • The structures that form after the main bronchi subdivide into smaller branches
  • The ____ lung is the smaller of the two lungs.
  • One lung is smaller than the other to make room for the ______.
  • Also known as the windpipe
  • You do this when something irritates your nose.
  • You do this when something irritates your diaphragm
  • You do this when something irritates your lower respiratory structures.
  • Also known as the voicebox
  • The specific location where gas exchange occurs in the respiratory system
  • The most important muscle in the respiratory system
  • Hair like structures that propel mucus and debris out of the respiratory system
  • The diaphragm _______ when you inhale
  • The diaphragm ___________ when you exhale
  • What direction does the diaphragm move when you inhale?
  • What direction does the diaphragm move when you exhale?
  • The location where air is first warmed and moistened
  • A disease called by the inflammation of the mucus membranes inside the bronchial tubes
  • The deadliest of lung diseases, a disease where abnormal growth of cells prevents normal lung function
  • When a lung collapses, usually due to injury.
  • This disease, often caused by smoking, happens because the alveoli are destroyed. Results in labored breathing
  • Triggered by allergies, causes a constriction of air passageways, labored breathing, and coughing
  • Persistent hacking cough resulting from a build up of mucus in the lungs, the body's reaction to cigarettes
  • Two structures that run transverse before entering the lungs
  • Flap of cartilage that closes the trachea when you swallow
  • Also known as the throat
  • Region of the pharynx near the mouth
  • Region of the pharynx near the nose
  • Region of the pharynx near the larynx
  • Breathe in
  • Breathe out