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Crossword Competition

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Created Date 07.29.20
Last Updated 07.29.20
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Topics of this game:
  • DC to AC Converter
  • AC to DC Converter
  • A device used to filter impure DC into pure DC.
  • In a regulator circuit, the zener diode is always connected in ________.
  • A circuit which gives constant output voltage irrespective of change in its input voltage.
  • The maximum reverse voltage that a diode can withstand without damaging itself.
  • The device used to sense light.
  • Oppisition to the flow of electric current.
  • A semiconductor device having three terminals.
  • The device used to sense heat.
  • Doped Semiconductor is known as ___________
  • a type of material which contains large number of free electrons
  • The name of scientist who invented that complement of product is equal to the sum of the complements.
  • A type of logic gate whose output is complement of its input.
  • The exceptional type of OR gate
  • The leftmost bit generated when we add two binary numbers using 1's or 2's complement method
  • A number system containing only two digits
  • A method to convert decimal number into its unique equivalent binary value
  • The label of right digit when we add two binary 1
  • A number system containing 16 digits