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Power and Power Systems

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Test your knowledge of power

Created Date 09.22.16
Last Updated 09.23.16
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Topics of this game:
  • The means by which energy is transferred from one object to another.
  • The ability to do work. It is what supplies the force that is used to do work.
  • Energy that is moving.
  • Energy that is stored and used later.
  • Energy that is transferred from something that is warmer to something that is cooler.
  • Amount of energy required to move an object 1 meter using 1 Newton of force.
  • Fixed supply of Energy that will eventually be used up.
  • Energy rich substance formed from the remains of plants and animals.
  • Splitting of an atom's nucleus.
  • Unusable material created from Nuclear power plants.
  • Resources that are abundant or can replenish quickly.
  • Energy we get from the Sun.
  • Solar Panel
  • Energy harnessed from Windmills- Used to create electricity.
  • Circular device with blades. Falling water, wind or other power sources cause this device to spin.
  • Thermal energy stored below the Earth's surface.
  • Forcing the nuclei of two atoms together forming a new nucleus.
  • Acuumulated vegetable and animal waste.
  • A spark ignites gasoline, a highly flammable liquid derived from oil.
  • Similar to a Gasoline Engine except burns fuel oil.
  • Convertes mechanical energy into electrical energy.
  • 1st source of energy people used.
  • Used for home heating, cooking and in industry. Burns cleaner than other fossil fuels.
  • One of the first fossil fuels to be used in the Industrial Revolution. Mined from the Earth.
  • "Black Gold" We depend on this energy resource the most.