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Practical Electricity

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Created Date 05.17.17
Last Updated 05.17.17
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Topics of this game:
  • Amount of electrical energy used in one second
  • The SI unit for Power
  • SI unit for Energy
  • Main reason that can cause electric shock when people touch the exposed live wires
  • a good electrical conductor
  • a short length of wire that will melt when the current through it is higher than its current rating
  • a safety device that can switch off the electricity supply in a circuit when too much current flows through
  • a wire carries current from main power supply to the electrical device at high voltage
  • a wire carries current back from the electrical device to the main power supply
  • a safety wire carries surge current(if a fault occur) to the ground
  • Different between 3pin plug and 2pin plug. Missing _____ wire
  • one unit of electricity is ....