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Experimental Variables

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Students will determine the independent, dependent, and control of an experiment.

Created Date 10.16.17
Last Updated 10.16.17
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Topics of this game:
  • The variable in the experiment that is changed by the scientist is called
  • The variable that is measured and depends on what is changed is called
  • The variable that remains the same and is used for comparison is called
  • The factor being tested in an experiment is called the
  • Alyssa changed the amount of sugar she used in each batch of cookies. The sugar is the
  • How many variables can be changed during an experiment?
  • In an experiment it is important to
  • One cow is feed vitamins and the other is not. After a year, both are weighed. What is the dependent variable?
  • Scientist test their hypothesis in which step of the scientific process?
  • What step is being described? "Which ball has the best bounce?"
  • The scientific method can only solve problems
  • In which step is the hypothesis accepted or rejected?
  • Two groups of 12 year-olds stayed awake as long as possible. One group was given pop to drink and the other group only water. The time each person fell asleep was recorded. What is the independent variable?
  • In which part of the scientific method would averaging be used?
  • What is the first step in averaging?
  • What is the average of 25, 35, 30, 15, 25
  • The average number is always the