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Magnetism Multiple Choice Review

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Pearson, Prentice-Hall Textbook content

Created Date 01.08.18
Last Updated 01.09.18
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Topics of this game:
  • What happens if you break a magnet in half?
  • Magnetic poles that are alike
  • The region around a magnet where the magnetic force is exerted is known as its
  • A cluster of billions of atoms that all have magnetic fields lined up in the same way is known as a
  • An example of a common ferromagnetic material is
  • Magnetic field lines around a bar magnet
  • Where is the magnetic pole in the Northern Hemisphere?
  • Streams of electrically charged particles flowing at high speeds from the sun make up the
  • If you are in the Northern Hemisphere and see the Northern Lights, you are seeing
  • Earth’s magnetic field can make a magnet out of an iron bar by causing the magnetic domains to
  • A spinning electron produces a(n)
  • What is magnetism?
  • One part of a freely swinging magnet always points
  • Which is NOT a property of magnetic field lines?
  • Magnetic poles that are unlike
  • What is an electron?
  • Most materials are not magnetic because
  • The magnetic properties of a material depend on its
  • A magnet made from a steel paperclip is most likely a(n)
  • What is one way you can destroy a magnet’s magnetism?
  • As Earth’s magnetic pole moves, the magnetic declination in a given location will
  • When molten material hardens into the rock on the ocean floor, the domains of the iron it contains
  • The closer together a magnet’s magnetic field lines are,
  • Each end of a magnet is called a
  • The curved line around magnet is called a
  • The magnetic force around a magnet is the strongest at the
  • A magnetic pole is the part of a magnet where the magnetic effect is weakest.
  • The magnetic domains are two regions of space above Earth’s surface that contain electrons and protons traveling at high speeds.
  • Charged particles from the solar wind come closest to Earth at the equator, where Earth’s magnetic field lines dip down to Earth’s surface.
  • Magnetic field lines spread out from one pole, curve around the magnet, and return to the other pole.
  • What did Christopher Columbus use to successfully sail to the Americas?
  • What is a device with a magnetized needle that spins freely?