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Energy and Physics Crossword

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its just a game about energy and physics

Created Date 02.06.18
Last Updated 02.07.18
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Topics of this game:
  • transfer of energy through space
  • the ability to do work or cause a change
  • movement of heat from one object to another
  • the total of all the kinetic and potential energy the atoms in an object
  • transfer thermal energy between objects that are in contact
  • when solids gasses or liquids rise and sink in a looping path
  • the movement of warm liquids or gasses to cooler areas
  • a push or pull that acts on an object
  • energy due to motion
  • a state of matter that does not have a specific volume or shape and in which the particles are far apart
  • the force of attraction that exists between any two objects causes objects to have weight
  • a change of energy from one form to another
  • a diagram that shows the amounts of energy that flows through each level of a food chain
  • magnet created by an electric current
  • a poor conductor material through which heat or electric charge does not flow