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Physical Science: Power Practice Problems

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Grade 8 Physical Science

Created Date 02.22.18
Last Updated 02.23.18
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Topics of this game:
  • If a man moves a large box that weighs 10 Newtons 18 meters in 30 seconds, how much power was used?
  • If W= 500 Joules and t = 25 seconds, then P = ?
  • If P = 25 watts and W = 5000 Joules, then t = ?
  • If P = 170 watts and t = 20 seconds, then W = ?
  • A person weighing 600 N gets on an elevator. The elevator lifts the person 6 m in 10 seconds. How much power was used?
  • How much time is needed to produce 720 Joules of work if 90 watts of power is used?
  • If 60 W of power is produced in 18 seconds, how much work is done?
  • A set of pulleys lifts an 800 N weight 4 meters in 16 seconds. What power was used?
  • If W = 100 J and t = 10 s, then P = ?