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Time Out: Exploring Heat

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A Grade 8 Physical Science Heat and Thermal Energy Review

Created Date 04.08.18
Last Updated 04.09.18
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Topics of this game:
  • ________ is our most important source of heat.
  • Heat is
  • Heat is determined by _______________ of a substance.
  • All matter is made up of atoms and molecules that are in constant
  • The motion of atoms and molecules in matter is called
  • __________ zero would be the point at which all atomic and molecular activity would stop.
  • One change that occurs when matter is heated is a change in
  • In solids, heat can travel from one particle to another. This is called
  • _________ conduct heat very well.
  • ________ is the way heat is transferred with liquids and gases.
  • For either conduction or convection to work, particles of _________ must be present to vibrate and move around.
  • Heat from the sun travels through the emptiness of space as