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CTIS Vocabulary Words 2

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2nd six weeks vocabulary words (some physical science and some force and motion)

Created Date 09.27.18
Last Updated 09.28.18
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Topics of this game:
  • an unbroken path or loop along which an electric current travels
  • energy produced by the flow of an electric charge through a conductor
  • the ability of something to do work or produce change
  • energy from the sun
  • energy created by either the movement or location of an object
  • light rays that strike a smooth surface and bounce back
  • light rays that bend as they pass from one substance to another
  • energy produced by vibrations as they travel through a material
  • energy in the form of heat
  • a push or a pull on an object
  • a force acting in the opposite direction of motion that causes objects to slow down or stop
  • the force that attracts all objects towards each other
  • a substance, such as metals, that moves heat and electricity
  • the process of moving or changing position
  • to examine two or more objects or ideas to see how they are alike or different
  • any basic mechanical device that changes the direction or size of a force
  • an instrument used to measure weight or force
  • when a force is applied to an object, causing the object to move
  • the amount of matter packed into a certain volume or space
  • to rest or move on or near the surface of a liquid
  • a substance, such as plastic, that does not move heat or electricity
  • a property that pulls or pushes objects together/apart
  • a combination of two or more substances, that when mixed together, keep their own identity
  • to fall or drop below the surface of a liquid
  • a mixture in which one or more substances are spread out evenly throughout another substance