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Science and Technology Review

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DDA Objective 2 review

Created Date 01.18.19
Last Updated 01.18.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the purpose of a gene map?
  • Which map shows the location of DNA units?
  • What invention brought images from around the world into the home?
  • Which example of data gathered by remote sensing is used for a visualization?
  • Which map is used to locate flight patterns in an area?
  • What developed from cave images as society became more complex?
  • Which map is used to locate temperature patterns in an area?
  • Which concept map organizes information in a linear or straight-line fashion?
  • Which map gives information about the physical layout of an area?
  • Which map gives information about flight paths?
  • Which is a concept map?
  • What concept helps photography to work properly?
  • Which concept map presents information in a descending order of importance?
  • Which map shows the locations of rooms in a new house?
  • What was the earliest recorded example of visualizations?
  • What two people in the world have the exact DNA?
  • What process is used to help compare the DNA of parents to their children?
  • What medical technique is used to view bone in the human body?
  • What type of image includes MRI and CAT scans?
  • The image shown was produced using short wavelengths that penetrate tissue producing negative images of bone. It is best described as a/an:
  • Which microscope has the greatest magnification power?
  • Which is considered to be a microscope?
  • Which type of object can best be seen under a light microscope?
  • What is a primary application of DNA science?
  • What process was used to help discover the structure of DNA?
  • What is the main benefit of a telescope in space compared to a land based telescope?
  • How do X-rays work?
  • Which is not a telescope?
  • What medical technique is used to view soft tissue in the human body?
  • What must happen to DNA before it is used in gel electrophoresis?