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Radiation Quantities and Units

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PLAY BALL using your knowledge of radiation quantities and units.

Created Date 02.10.15
Last Updated 02.10.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Who was the first American radiation worker to die from radiation-induced cancer in October 1904?
  • Which of the following effects must be measured to determine the total amount of radiation exposure in a specific volume of dry air under standard conditions of pressure and temperature (760 mm Hg or 1 atmosphere at sea level and 22 degrees C)?
  • In the diagnostic radiology energy range (which includes mammography) from 23 to 150 kVp, which of the following tissues possesses the greatest ability to absorb radiant energy through the process of photoelectric absorption?
  • If a patient receiving x-ray therapy treatment receives a total dosage of 6000 rads, the dosage may be recorded as _____ if the SI system is used.
  • One millirem equals _____ rem.
  • Fifteen sievert equals _____ rem.
  • As intensity of x-ray exposure of the air volume increases, the number of electron-ion pairs produced:
  • Which of the following equals 400 rem?
  • Ten C/kg equals _____ roentgen.
  • In the SI system, an energy absorption of 1 joule (J) per kilogram of matter in the irradiated object equals which of the following?
  • Thirty-five mSv equals __________ rem.
  • Which of the following are types of ionizing radiation that produce virtually the same biologic effect for equally absorbed doses in body tissue?
  • Which of the following statements is correct?
  • 45 rem equals _____ mSv.
  • For x-ray and gamma ray photons with energies up to 3 million electron volts (MeV), which of the following quantities may be defined as the measure of the total electrical charge of one sign, either all pluses or all minuses, per unit mass that these two kinds of radiation generate in air only?
  • Of the following equivalents, which equals 1 rad? 1. 100 erg/g 2. 1/100 J/kg 3. 0.01 Gy
  • Alpha particles have a radiation weighting factor (WR) that is numerically equal to:
  • Which of the following units are not SI units? 1. roentgen 2. Coulomb per kilogram, gray, sievert 3. rad and rem
  • Which of the following units is a unit of energy that may be defined as the work done or energy expended when a force of 1 newton (N) acts on an object along a distance of 1 meter (m)?
  • Which of the following statements is true?
  • Which of the following is the SI unit of electrical current?
  • Beta particles are actually:
  • Among physicians, cancer deaths attributed to x-ray exposure were reported as early as:
  • The effective atomic number (Zeff) of soft tissue is:
  • Who discovered x-rays on November 8, 1895?