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The X-Ray Circuit Review Game

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Created Date 09.24.19
Last Updated 09.24.19
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Topics of this game:
  • The operating console contains circuits that are:
  • Variations in power distribution to the x-ray machine are corrected by the:
  • The first component to receive power in the x-ray circuit is the:
  • The autotransformer has __________ winding(s).
  • The _____________ circuit provides electrons for the x-ray tube current.
  • Thermionic emission at the filament determines the ________ across the x-ray tube during an exposure.
  • A step-down transformer is located in the ___________ circuit.
  • The most accurate type of timer is the _______ timer.
  • The automatic exposure control (AEC) terminates the exposure when _____________.
  • The step up transformer increases voltage ___________ times.
  • A diode allows electrons to flow from:
  • The high voltage generator contains the high voltage transformer, the __________, and the _____________.
  • The difference in the waveform between the primary and secondary sides of the high voltage transformer is:
  • In modern imaging systems, the components for rectification are:
  • With half-wave rectification, the current flows through the x-ray tube during the __________ part of the cycle.
  • Full-wave rectified, three-phase units provide an x-ray beam at ______ pulse (es) per second.
  • Voltage across the x-ray tube is most constant with:
  • A single phase waveform has _________ voltage ripple.
  • The x-ray beam generated by the circuit with the _________ voltage ripple has the ________ quantity and quality.
  • The principle disadvantage of three-phase equipment is:
  • The x-ray generator with the lowest power rating is the _____________ imaging system.
  • A closed pathway of wires and related elements is a(n):
  • A circuit with elements that are arranged like a "bridge" or branching across a conductor is called a:
  • A device that temporarily stores charges is the:
  • An adjustable resistor is termed:
  • Which of the following devices opens a circuit to keep the circuit and devices safe?
  • Which device regulates the amount of current flowing in the circuit:
  • A device that produces electrons through a chemical reaction is a(n):
  • Which of the following devices can increase or decrease voltage by a set amount?
  • A device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy is:
  • A step-up transformer results in:
  • A transformer with 100 times more turns on the secondary side as compared with the primary:
  • The autotransformer:
  • The mA meter is found on the:
  • Rectifiers are found on the:
  • The main power switch is found on the:
  • The x-ray tube (not filaments) is found on the:
  • The rheostat is found on the
  • The primary side of the high-voltage transformer is found on the:
  • The timer circuit is found:
  • The line voltage compensator is typically wired to the:
  • The device referred to as the kVp selector is the:
  • The only adjustable transformer in the x-ray circuit is the:
  • The timer located on the secondary circuit is the:
  • For AEC, the ionization chamber is placed between the __________________ and _______________________.
  • The ____________________ converts volts to kilovolts.
  • The devices that change alternating to direct current are the:
  • The solid-state rectifier has a(n) _______ crystal and a(n) crystal.
  • The n-type crystal from a solid-state transformer has an abundance of
  • Four rectifiers will produce:
  • Three-phase power
  • X-Ray tubes require:
  • The primary purpose of the step-down transformer is to: