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OCS APPLIED SCIENCE: Unit 3 States of Matter

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This covers states of matter found in Unit 3.

Created Date 11.02.19
Last Updated 11.04.19
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Topics of this game:
  • The process of a solid changing to a liquid is called ___________________
  • The state of matter that has neither a definite shape nor a definite volume is a ________________
  • The state of matter that has the ability to flow is ____________
  • Most metals, like iron and gold, are this state of matter!
  • The air that we breathe is this state of matter.
  • Gasoline that you put in your car and lawn mower is this state of matter.
  • ______________ is a measure of how much space something takes up.
  • Which of the following have the same color?
  • Which word describes a texture?
  • If an object floats in a bowl of water, it is ________________________
  • To find density, you must know _____________________