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Matter Review

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You'll review matter and atoms

Created Date 09.10.15
Last Updated 09.10.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Matter is made up of anything that has _____ and _____.
  • The smallest unit of matter that has all the properties of a given element is a(n) _____.
  • Greek word meaning not to be cut or indivisible.
  • The one that is NOT matter.
  • The law of conservation of mass came from his work.
  • Not one of the three types of models
  • Discovered negatively charged electrons using a cathode ray tube.
  • Discovered neutral (meaning “no charge”) neutrons in the nucleus of an atom.
  • In the _____ model, an atom consisted of a solid ball of positive charge with negatively charged electrons embedded throughout.
  • Model which states electrons travel in regions of high probability.
  • Repeating according to some pattern
  • Found on the left side and middle of the periodic table. Characteristics of metals include: Shiny luster, Good conductors of heat and electricity, malleable
  • Characteristics include: Dull in appearance, Poor conductors of heat and electricity, Many are gases at room temperature, Brittle—cannot change shape without breaking
  • Periods on the Periodic Table of the Elements
  • Approximately __________ elements are naturally occuring.
  • positively charged particle located in the nucleus of the atom. Its relative atomic mass is 1 amu.
  • Isotopes
  • The modern periodic table is arranged by _____.
  • The dense central portion of the atom.
  • Combine in groups of three to make up protons and neutrons