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Newton's Laws

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Newton's first and third law

Created Date 11.26.19
Last Updated 12.02.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Which of Newton's Laws best explains why you should buckle-up in a vehicle?
  • A free body diagram represents ________ forces acting on an object
  • A rocket moves through empty space in a straight line with constant velocity. It is far from the gravitational effect of any star or planet. Under these conditions, what force must be applied to the rocket?
  • Action-reaction pair forces are
  • Which is NOT an example of an action-reaction pair?
  • You are standing on a moving bus, facing forward, and you suddenly fall forward. You can imply from this that the bus's velocity
  • You are pushing a book across a table. The force you exert on the book is called a(n)
  • You are pushing a book across a table. The upward force the table exerts on the book is called a(n)
  • You pull a sled through the snow, using a rope. The force you exert on the sled through the rope is called a
  • You are playing tug-of-war. Your team is pulling with 300 N of force; the other team is pulling with 200 N of force. What is the tension in the rope?
  • The tendency of an object to resist any change of motion is known as...
  • the greater the mass of an object
  • The force of gravity of a person on a person at the surface of a planet is known as...
  • A book is sitting on the dashboard of your car that is stopped at a traffic light. The light turns green and the book falls into your lap. This is because the car....
  • An object in motion tends to
  • An object at rest tends to...
  • A car is moving at 100 m/s down the road. Which of the following forces are acting on the car?
  • When a golfer hits a golf ball, the force exerted by the ball on the club is ________ than that exerted by the club on the ball.
  • A man with a weight of 800 N is standing on a scale and lifts his right leg. What is the reading on the scale now?
  • The friction force between two surfaces always acts ____________ the motion of the object.