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Newton's Laws

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Module 4 Physical Science

Created Date 03.10.20
Last Updated 03.11.20
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the upward force exerted on an object falling through the air?
  • The statement "to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" is which of Newton's Laws?
  • The relationship among mass, force and acceleration is explained by which of Newton's Laws?
  • A feather will fall through the air more slowly than a brick due to which force?
  • In the absence of air, a penny and feather dropped from the same height will _______________.
  • Which formula summarizes Newton's 2nd Law.
  • Which property of an object determines its inertia?
  • Which of the following surfaces would create the most friction?
  • A book exerts a force of 10 N on a table. How many Newton's of force does the table exert on the book?
  • What is the force exerted by a 15 kg object that has an acceleration of 5 m/s^2?
  • If a force of 650 N is applied to an object and that object accelerates at 10 m/s^2, what is the mass of the object?
  • If a 40 N force acts (pushes) towards the right and a 70 N force opposes it to the left, what is the direction of motion?
  • If an 8 N force acts on a 4-kg object, what is the resulting acceleration?
  • A 35 kg boy exerts a force of 150 N on a 50 kg object. What is the force that the object exerts on the boy?
  • Who is the scientist that developed the laws of motion?