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Light and Dispersion

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This game will help students make connections between light, sight and colours.

Created Date 04.29.20
Last Updated 04.29.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Which of the following is NOT a natural light source?
  • Artificial lights are all man-made
  • A visible object can either be transparent, translucent or opaque.
  • An object that allows some light to pass through is best described as
  • An object that do not let light pass through is best described as
  • Which of the following combinations correctly represent the colours of the visible spectrum
  • The colours of the visible spectrum can seen when sun light is passed through a
  • Light is dispersed (separated into its different colours) when
  • Refraction is best described as
  • When light enters a more dense medium (e.g. from air to a glass prism - the prism is denser),
  • The different colours (wavelength of lights) moving through a glass prism are traveling at different speeds.
  • Which of the following reasons best explains why sunlight disperses (separated into different colours) when it passes through a prism?
  • Which of the following best explains why a shirt appears yellow in sunlight?
  • A light bulb in a room is producing magenta coloured light only. What colour will be reflected from the shirt that appeared yellow in sunlight?
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The first question, the sun is NOT a natural light source?