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The Cell Cycle & Mitosis Vocabulary Review

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Review the terms associated with the Cell Cycle and Mitosis

Created Date 10.13.20
Last Updated 10.14.20
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Topics of this game:
  • The stringy form of DNA found in the cell before cell division.
  • The longest stage of the Cell Cycle.
  • The duplication or copying of the cell's DNA.
  • The form of DNA that consists of two identical arms attached by a centromere.
  • The phase of mitosis in which the chromosomes line up in the center of the cell.
  • The stage of interphase in which the DNA is replicated.
  • Form of DNA that consists of half of a chromosome and is seen during Anaphase.
  • Phase of mitosis in which the nucleus disappears and chromosomes appear.
  • Phase of mitosis in which the chromatids are pulled away from each other.
  • Phase of mitosis in which a nucleus develops at each end of the cell.