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Heart Anatomy

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Review: the heart and cardiovascular system

Created Date 11.01.20
Last Updated 11.02.20
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Topics of this game:
  • The heart is a ...
  • What vessel carries blood away from the heart?
  • What is the biggest artery in the body?
  • What is the biggest vein in the body?
  • How many chambers (little rooms) does the heart have?
  • Which valve is made up of three parts?
  • How many valves are in the heart?
  • Where does the blood go to get oxygenated (get more oxygen).
  • What size are the capillaries (blood vessels)?
  • The heart is the size of your
  • The heart beats about how many times each minute?
  • Which side of a person’s chest is their heart on?
  • What vital sign counts the number of times a heart beats each minute?
  • What instrument do we use to listen to the lungs?
  • A pulse oximeter can tell us:
  • Which kind of heart chamber is on top (superior) of the heart?
  • Does your heart beat faster when you are playing or resting?
  • Where can you feel pulses?
  • What is the name of another kind of vein?
  • The circulatory system includes what 3 parts?