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Tooth Development Rattles Me Up!

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Guide the snake in through the world of tooth development! You cannot hit the edges of the map or else you LOSE. You must answer each and every question correctly or else YOU LOSE. If you make the snake run into itself...well... you guess it! YOU LOSE! Read each question carefully and good luck!

Created Date 11.15.20
Last Updated 11.16.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Another word for Tooth Development
  • The first stage of Tooth Development is?
  • Fill in the blank. _____ gives rise to the oral epithelium.
  • Fill in the blank. The enamel organ will give rise to ____.
  • The ectomesenchyme surrounding the outside of the cap or enamel organ condenses into the _______ .
  • If the enamel organ invaginates into the Dental Papilla, this may result in _______ .
  • IF this little snake you're guiding suddenly grew another head what would you be inclined to name it?
  • Muahahaha! Time for a Lavery Type Question. True/False -- Statement 1: The Bell stage is the fourth stage of tooth development. Statement 2: It occurs for the Primary Dentition between weeks 11 & 12.
  • Fill in the blank. The outer layer of the enamel organ is the ______ .
  • Fill in the blank. The star shaped layer of the Enamel Organ is known as the ______ .
  • Referring back to the last question - What are the junctions of the stellate reticulum held by?
  • Fill in the blanks. The dental papilla will eventually be the future _____ and ______ .
  • After the _____ disintegrates, its remaining cells may become _____ .
  • A spot thats white and is the result in reduction in the quality of the enamel maturation.
  • A tooth that looks like its "dancing", meaning its root is distorted, meaning its root is curved, meaning that its root is not how its supposed to be, meaning that somethings wrong, is caused by distortion of the ______ and is called ______ .
  • Characterized by compressed layers of enamel organ.
  • Appears as fluctuant, blue, vesicle‑like gingival lesion, and appears on a partially erupted tooth.
  • Which Teratogen or disturbance causes Mulberry Molars and Hutchinson Incisors?
  • Stomodeum is formed during this stage.
  • If there was a BOSS LEVEL for this game who would be the perfect fit?
  • Finally how would you rate this game?