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Roles In Energy Transfer

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Another fun review game.

Created Date 03.05.21
Last Updated 03.08.21
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Topics of this game:
  • An organism uses some of the energy it obtains for its life activities and stores some in its tissues for later use.
  • Decomposers eat the remains of organisms.
  • When a mouse eats plants, and a snake then eats that mouse, the snake gets all of the energy that the mouse originally received when it ate the plants.
  • What do food chains represent?
  • What do carnivores eat?
  • What do herbivores eat?
  • What do producers eat?
  • Which organisms are Also Known As: Nature's Recyclers?
  • Which organisms are Also Known As: AUTOTROPHS?
  • CANADA GEESE eat insects, roots, seeds, and leaves of grass and grain, bulbs, and berries. What kind of consumers are they?
  • WASPS feed off other insects and spiders such as caterpillars and aphids. What type of consumer are wasps?
  • BLACK RHINOS eat trees and bushes. What type of consumer are black rhinos?