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Body Organization

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Body organization

Created Date 04.12.21
Last Updated 04.13.21
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Topics of this game:
  • The body's ability to maintain relatively stable internal conditions and to function normally despite constant changes occuring externally or internal
  • Towards the head or top
  • on the back, face up
  • On the front, face down
  • Center of the body
  • outside of the body
  • Nearest to the body
  • Farthest from where its attached
  • organizes spindle fibers for cell division
  • 46 chromosomes of the cell, control center
  • passageway for transport of materials necessary for cell function
  • thread-like projections through the cell membrane, sweep materials across the membrane
  • increases surface area of the cell for the absorption of materials
  • Sorting and packaging of proteins for secretion
  • contain digestive enzymes, destroys and digests bacteria as well as wom out cell parts and dead cells
  • site for protein synthesis, produces protein