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Functions and Structures of the Brain

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Digital Artifact for BIO201 Assignment 7

Created Date 10.07.21
Last Updated 10.11.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Which part of the endocrine system is sometimes called the “master gland”?
  • Which structure allows communication between the right and left hemispheres?
  • Which of the following areas is responsible for the coordination of speech output?
  • The nervous system that controls nearly all voluntary and involuntary activity of the human body.
  • Which part of the brain is responsible for processing visual information?
  • Which of the following structures is NOT part of the limbic system?
  • The _______ controls basal metabolic rates, respiration, snd pulse.
  • How many hemisphere is the brain divided into?
  • The _______ lobe plays a role in interpreting language and words.
  • The __ lobe controls the way a person responds to problems, judgment, and decision making.
  • After a driving accident, Dillon's MRI scan showed damage to his cerebellum. What action is he most likely having difficulty with?
  • if a person had damage to their temporal lobe, what would they most likely have difficulty doing?
  • Schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease are both linked to changes in which neurotransmitter?
  • Damage to the hippocampus is most likely to impair a persons