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Which Animal Breed Am I?

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In this game, an animal is described. The player has to choose between the four given options which type of animal is that and the type of the breed of that particular animal.

Created Date 04.11.18
Last Updated 04.12.18
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Topics of this game:
  • i have exceptional soft and shiny black feathers. i am originally from Australia. i am known as a dual purpose meaning that i have the abilityto produce eggs and meat.
  • I have a black mask and black body marking. I am originally from Germany. I work as a disability assistance. I am commonly known as police dog.
  • I am domestic animal. i am originally from Central Asia. i am known to have the ability to survive in extremelly harsh condition. I have an ability to milk, meat, pelts and wool.
  • I am originally from USA. I have a rusty red color coat and i am knwon to produce well marble pork meat. I am not a good the litters that i give birth to. I am not prone to stress.
  • I am a black medium sized breed, known to produce well-marbled beef. I am able to survive harsh conditions such as snowfall and storms. I am originally from Scotland.