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Biology: Photosynthesis

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Biology: Photosynthesis

Created Date 04.23.18
Last Updated 04.24.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Radiant energy from the sun is converted to what kind of energy in photosynthesis?
  • Which part of the plant does photosynthesis take place?
  • In photosynthesis carbon dioxide is taken in and what gas is given off?
  • In a food chain what organism eats only plants?
  • organisms that make their own food are called
  • The living parts of an ecosystem are called
  • The direction of energy flow in a food web is shown by
  • What percent of energy gets passed from feeding level to the next in an energy pyramid?
  • which organism has the least amount of available energy
  • The best place to put a plant for photosynthesis is
  • Plant cells need which organelle for photosynthesis?
  • in an energy pyramid the producers are found
  • Plant cells have which of the organelles below that animal cells DO Not have?