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Chapter 14 - Cardiovascular Diseases

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Test your knowledge regarding the understanding of risks and measures of prevention of cardiovascular disease!

Created Date 05.03.18
Last Updated 05.04.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Approximately how many gallons of blood does the heart pump each day?
  • The aorta is a large artery that transports blood from the ______ to the ______
  • Where are varicose veins mostly seen?
  • True or False: Chest compressions should be given directly above the xiphoid process
  • Stroke is the ______ leading cause of death in the US
  • True of False: Cholesterol is an essential component of body cells
  • Which cholesterol value or greater doubles the risk of coronary heart disease?
  • Which drugs block the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver and reduce the amount in the blood?
  • What percent of consumed salt comes from processed foods?
  • True or False: Two drinks per day increases the risk of both heart attack and stroke