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Biology 1st Quarter

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Review all the important information we've learned in the first quarter of biology!

Created Date 10.08.18
Last Updated 10.09.18
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Topics of this game:
  • What type of cell has a nucleus?
  • Which organelle is like the post office because it packages & delivers for the cell?
  • Which organelle is found in plant but not animal cells?
  • Which organelle is not found in animal cells?
  • Which type of cell has a large vacuole?
  • Which organelle transports proteins around the cell like streets in a city?
  • Chloroplasts are responsible for
  • One product of photosynthesis is
  • Chloroplasts & mitochondria contain DNA that's different than that found in the nucleus.
  • Where does cellular respiration take place?
  • Cellular respiration takes place in
  • Which process uses oxygen to create energy in the form of ATP?
  • In plant cells, what structure provides support for the cell?
  • In animal cells, which structure provides support for the cell?
  • Which organelle would muscle cells need more of because they need a lot of energy?
  • Enzymes are
  • What do enzymes do?
  • Which list shows organelles found in prokaryotic cells?
  • What does "organic" mean?
  • A freshwater fish placed in saltwater will die. Why?
  • High temperature will cause a disruption in
  • To increase the amount of oxygen in an ecosystem, there would have to be an increase in
  • The result of mitosis is
  • What ingredients are needed for photosynthesis to take place?
  • Which type of cell contains half the number of chromosomes?
  • The end result of meiosis is