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Physiological Terminologies

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by1- aini izzati2- puteri busyra3- husneah4- liyana. ENJOY THE GAME!!

Created Date 10.27.18
Last Updated 10.29.18
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Topics of this game:
  • the passage of material into a cell
  • the electrical signals that are used to transmit information
  • substances move from lower to higher concentration
  • events at postsynaptic membrane upon receiving information across the synaptic cleft
  • events occuring at postsynaptic membrane upon receiving information across the synaptic cleft
  • a process of stopping bleeding
  • secreting material or replacement of plasma membrane
  • process to maintain the normal body temperature
  • diffusion of water through a membrane from higher concentration to lower concentration
  • occurs during creation of gametes
  • somatic cell division
  • The process of making the membrane potential of a cell more negative
  • blood clotting
  • white blood cells without granules
  • white blood cells that contains granules
  • the state of balance internal conditions maintained by living things
  • movement of particles through a selectively permeable membrane by hydrostatic pressure
  • the chemical breakdown of a compound due to reaction with water
  • hold oxygen and allows blood to carry oxygen
  • intracellular digestion of large molecules
  • produces ATP
  • two chromatids of a chromosome are attached at this point
  • long molecule that contain genetic material
  • repeating events in a cell's life
  • division of cell's cytoplasm
  • group of organs that accomplish related tasks
  • functions of the body and how it works
  • reverses a change in a controlled condition
  • body temperature below normal range
  • a group of element
  • a weak chemical attraction between polar molecules
  • ions of opposite charge interact to from this
  • compounds that form hydrogen ionswhen dissolved in water
  • the building blocks of protein
  • a group of atoms held together by covalent bond